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The wonderful effects and benefits you derive from: CY Gabriel – Special Pink, Special Green (Medicated), Lemon, Papaya, Pure White, Green Papaya, Glutathione With Milk Extract, Antibac, Goat's Milk with Oatmeal, Milk with Papaya, and Kojic with Glutathione.


  • whitens and bleaches your skin safely and easily

  • removes freckles, sunburns, rashes and warts.

  • makes your skin soft, smooth and clear.

Never use C.Y. Gabriel whitening beauty soaps directly on your skin. Always use a wet face towel. On your wet face towel, rub the cake of C.Y. GABRIEL, then apply the creamy face towel over your face, ears, neck and arms. Rub thoroughly for a few minutes until the cream has penetrated deep into the skin. Then rinse well with water. Continuous use of C.Y. GABRIEL makes your skin whiter, smoother, fairer and lovelier than ever before.
CY Gabriel Commercial has committed itself not only to maintain its highest quality of standard but also to introduce new and “in” kind of soaps that will greatly benefit the consumers.
CY Gabriel Commercial aims to fully realize its vision of manufacturing/marketing genuine Filipino quality soaps,  hand in hand with its mission of making the Philippines known internationally, as an exporter of quality whitening beauty soaps.
Likewise, it aims, in its own little way, to give employment to many Filipinos.


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